Affordable Website Design Packages

Our affordable website design packages are the perfect way to professionally grow your business online on a reasonable budget. Our packages are perfect for a small to medium-sized business that is seeking growth and an online presence but doesn’t want to spend a fortune to do so.

Responsive Web Design

Why Affordable Website Design Packages Are Great

  • Professional Design
  • Professional SEO
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Low Monthly Costs
  • No Hassle
  • A Super Easy Process

Pricing For Affordable Website Design Packages

Our affordable website design packages cover everything from freelancers that are looking to make a splash to larger businesses looking to scale their business online and everything in between. If you find a package you would like to get started with, or if you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time!

Custom Website Design Packages

If you’re looking for a custom solution that isn’t included in the affordable website design packages, we can create a custom package for you! Whether it be a third-party software integration or a unique custom layout we can bring your vision to life! Contact us today or book a free consultation to get started!

Affordable Website Design Case Study

Live Polar is an e-commerce brand out of Fair Haven, Michigan and they had one goal. To grow their online presence with a new website that wasn’t overpriced. So, we delivered a premium Shopify website that did just that. We designed and launched the new Live Polar site and within weeks we started to see results.

We saw that the conversion rate increased by over 250% from their previous website and they were gaining new traffic from organic SEO. We even implemented a strategic digital advertising campaign to supplement their new website. With sales increasing day over day, Live Polar experienced great success with its affordable website design package.

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Live Polar Website Design

Affordable Website Design Packages VS Traditional Website Design

Let’s weigh out the pros and cons of both an affordable website design package and traditional website design companies.

Affordable website design packages offer a great solution for small businesses that want to get their business online and see a positive ROI.


  • Professional quality work
  • No headache process, it’s very simple
  • Fast delivery
  • Results driven
  • SEO implementation
  • Branding implementation


  • SEO can take a while to fully mature
  • Page limitations may come into play, but we do offer custom solutions to address this.
  • If you pause your package, your website will be de-activated until your subscription is renewed.

Traditional website design can be very beneficial to larger businesses with a higher budget to spend on marketing. For smaller businesses, the budget may be the largest factor.


  • Professional quality work
  • Delivery can be fast at times
  • Results are common
  • SEO is often applied


  • Pricing can range into the 10s of thousands of dollars.
  • The process can be confusing and disrupt your operations.
  • You still have to pay a monthly fee for hosting whether it is with the marketing company, or direct.


The Affordable Website Design Package Process

To keep things super simple for you and your business, we have refined our process into just a few easy steps. This is what we have found to be the most effective process when it comes to communicating through the new website buildout. Your new professional and affordable website is just a few steps away!

1. Account Setup

Pick out the affordable website design package that is right for you. Once you have picked a package, contact us and we will be ready to move forward!

2. Discovery

Once we get in contact, we will setup your payment options and schedule a painless interview to better understand your business and your website goals.

3. Design, Approve & Launch

We go to work. We take all of the information collected from our interview and build the website to fit your needs. We will send you a staging link to the new site for your review, and once you approve the work we will launch your new professional website!