Can Real Estate Agents Have Their Own Websites?

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May 16, 2023

Can Real Estate Agents Have Their Own Websites?

Yes, real estate agents can have their own websites. The only thing to look out for is that oftentimes, there are compliance policies that you should be mindful of when creating your website. Compliance policies mostly include logo sizing requirements but that is an easy step to overcome. In this article, we will further discuss everything you need to know as a real estate agent considering your own website.

Your Own Website V.S Broker-Provided Website

Oftentimes we get asked what the difference is between the website my broker provided and an independent website for myself. The differences are pretty substantial from a personal branding and customization perspective. With your own website, you can have custom website designs that properly represent you and your business. It is a great opportunity to show prospective clients who you are and what makes you unique.

Take Phil Cini Realty Group for example, they have a very strong focus on a specific community within the Michigan market. We tailored their website to communicate that they are THE realtors to go to for their focused neighborhood. So, when prospective clients are looking to get into that community, they know they are in good hands. 

On the other hand, a broker-provided website is more restricted in what you can do to communicate your brand. You are typically given an image placeholder and a long-form copy area where you can provide a bio. There simply isn’t much freedom within the broker-provided website to effectively represent your business to prospects. Don’t get us wrong, you can have an awesome professional headshot and write some great copy for your bio, but that’s about the extent that goes with it.

Should A Real Estate Agent Have Their Own Website?

We recommend that real estate agents that leverage digital marketing channels to find leads have their own website. Meaning, that if you are posting consistently on social media, or have an email newsletter, you would benefit from sending traffic to a beautiful website to entice a lead into contacting you for their listing.

Pros and Cons of Estate Agents Having Their Own Websites


  • An added digital tool to your arsenal
  • Increased visibility opportunities with SEO
  • Customization to effectively communicate your services
  • Ability to create unique messaging for specific objectives like PPC Ads


  • Time if you go the DIY route
  • There is a small investment if you decide to go with a company like LJB Marketing

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